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gilbert, az

My love for digital storytelling started when I was a kid, shooting home videos on VHS tapes and building makeshift sets in the front room.  My parents allowed my creativity to bloom at a young age.  In eighth grade, I taught myself how to edit video with some mentorship from friends.  Editing to this day is my favorite craft and my specialty.

In 2008, I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Video.  While in college, I got to start the digital content creation section for the State Hornet, Sac State's student-run newspaper, where I produced several videos for their website.  In addition, I enjoyed working at a local TV news station for 8 years, editing news content for live broadcasts and a host of other things.

Currently, I work in Gilbert, AZ on the production team for Redemption Church. However, I love producing videos and building websites whenever the opportunity arises!

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mesa, az

My passion is bringing stories to life through custom music and audio post-production services. I grew up immersed in film music and began writing for independent films when I was 19. I graduated from Mesa Community College with a degree in audio production and afterwards interned at the Audio Suite, an award-winning audio post-production facility in Phoenix.


Since then I have composed music for two feature films, documentaries, games, and more. I won the Best Score by a Graduate Student Award at the Garden State Film Festival in 2016. I have also served on the sound team for various films as backgrounds designer and sound effects editor.


In addition, I teach digital music part-time at a private arts academy for 7th-12th grade students. Collaboration with like-minded creatives towards impactful, meaningful project inspires me to contribute high quality music and sound with excellent customer service.

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sacramento, ca

From a young age, I have always loved being creative. This began with the early exposure to video games. Video games, while not having the best reputation, is a wonderland of creativity. Every story or idea can come to life. Being around that king of creativity my whole life has fueled my imagination with endless experiences to fall back on.


While I have no formal training, my hobby and passion more than makes up for it. Expreience has always been the best way to learn. In my free time, I still play games when time permits as it keeps me immersed in the possibilities of creativity. This bleeds into filmmaking flawlessly as it allows me to visualize certain experiences and how I would bring them to life.


I am currently living in California and enjoy 3D modeling, film editing, and making vinyl decals. I have worked on a few video projects already with great success and I look forward to future projects that JPM Productions will bring my way.


gilbert, az

My passion for photography took root in my life when I saw a friend of mine posting photos of people, telling their stories, and bringing joy and light in each message. My love for people coupled with the beauty within artistic photography inspired me to purchase my first camera. Since then, I have done photoshoots for charities such as Colleen's Dream, model photography at Scottsdale Raw Fashion Show, Arizona Business Association's golf tournament, and worked with many other photographers and artists to create the beauty we perceive in the world and the work that satisfies our clients.

I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. Visiting family in Costa Rica and Nicaragua have given me unique opportunities to pursue photography internationally. This has allowed me to work with photographers of completely different cultures, learning and growing with each experience.

Currently, I work as the primary photographer and a videographer for JPM Productions and I enjoy every minute of it!

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